KOPTEX also offers a device for removing broken and worn-out needles from the board, the so-called deneedling tool. It is available in two sizes: 15 gauge for removing single-reduced needles and 18 gauge for double-reduced needles. The deneedling tool has a suitable hole with a cone that serves to hammer needles gently out of the board. For single-reduced needles, the punch cone rests on the needle shank (15 gauge); for double-reduced needles the punch cone rests on the intermediate blade (16, 17, and 18 gauge). Hence, after a few hammer strokes the needle may be gently removed from the board.

The deneedling tool can also be used to repair needle boards, as it is possible to punch out used needles without damaging them and to replace broken needles. In this way, markings from new needles in the felted product can be prevented to a large degree.

The deneedling tool can be very useful in rotating the needles.

Thus the needles that have been working for a specific time are not damaged when being punched out and may be inserted row-by-row across the entire width of the board. Using the recommended 1/3 method, the needle board is divided into 3 sections in which both new and used needles are working.


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